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Azeezia Highlights

Campus Discipline



The Campus is a grooming ground for creating professionals of highest order. Hence strict discipline is envisaged. This is meant to help the student to metamorphose from a young adolescent to a mature doctor ready to serve humanity in the right sense that Hippocrates and other forefathers of this great profession designed. This chapter is given under five heads, General Discipline, Leave of Absence, Dress Code, Discipline during Examinations, Library Rules and Rules Relating to Hostels.


A.            GENERAL


1. Students shall follow all the rules and regulations framed from time to time.

2.             Any case of indiscipline shall be dealt with very seriously.

3.             Every student shall wish the teachers on the occasion of his/her first meeting them for the day, within the college premises.

4.             Students should not loiter in the College premises.

5.             They should be punctual in their attendance at lectures and for practical and clinical work.

6.             They should put in at least 75 percent of the attendance at lecture classes and Practical / Clinical classes to obtain certificate of attendance.

7.             No certificate of attendance shall be granted to any student unless he/she has shown satisfactory progress to the authorities responsible for granting the certificate and until he or she has paid all demands against his or her.

8.             Students are expected to assemble in the classroom five minute before the prescribed hour. When the teacher enters the classroom, they shall get up and remain standing till they are told to sit or till the teacher takes his/her seat. It is good practice to wish the Teacher good morning/good afternoon as the case may be. When the Teacher takes the attendance, each student must get up from the seat and answer to his/her name, as his/her name or Roll No. is called. A student coming to the class after roll call may be punished by loss of marks or loss of attendance.

9.             No students shall be allowed to leave the classroom without permission of his/her lecturer until the class is dismissed.

10.           Students shall not carry Mobile Phones while in the class room.

11.           Students are not permitted to remain in the lecture room except during the hours of instruction.

12.           Students should attend all tests and assignments without fail.

13.           Students should submit/produce record books/work books duly completed and signed by staff on or before the notified time. Non-compliance will be considered as incomplete and subject to disciplinary action.

14.           Smoking and consuming Alcohol/Drugs within the campus or premises of the hostel is strictly prohibited.

15.           Every student shall provide himself/herself with the required books; instruments etc. Borrowing from others will not be permitted.

16.          Any kind of ragging is strictly prohibited. Involvement in ragging is a serious criminal offence. The student shall be dismissed from the institution and is also liable for criminal prosecution by the police.

Anti  ragging Act of Kerala: The Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Bill was passed by Kerala Government in the State Assembly in 1998. The Anti ragging Act of  kerala Government defines ragging as”teasing,abusimg,playing practical jokes or causing hurt, or asking students to do an act which he is unwilling to do”It further said, students found ragging directly or indirectly or abetting within or without educational  institutions are  liable for imprisonment for a term which may extend  upto 2 years with a fine which may be upto Rs. 10,000/-. Depending on the severity of the case, the guilty can be either suspended or dismissed and can also be debarred from gaining admission in any institution for 5 years.

Our wish: It is our wish that Azeezia is a “Ragging free Campus” with the initiative and support of the students. To facilitate this, Anti ragging Committees and Anti ragging squads are functioning with students participation.

Please inform the Principal/ Vice Principal/ committee/squad any incident of ragging which you have experienced/ seen/heard. Your identity will not be revealed to anyone.

17.           Political affiliations of any sort will not be permitted in the campus including at the time of students election.

18.           Disobedience, insubordination, disorderly behaviour, use of abusive language etc. shall not be tolerated in the College and hostel premises.

19.           Fresh students are not allowed to go out of the Campus alone for the first three months.

20.           Students are not permitted to use two wheelers/four wheelers within the Campus.

21.          Class representatives. There shall be separate class representative for boys and girls. Both of them will meet the Principal/ Vice principal/ HOD/ Faculty concerned together for discussion of all academic as well as non academic issues.

22.          Academic calendar: To facilitate uninterrupted academic programs including class/sessional exams and planning your holidays. Azeezia Medical College has its own academic calendar, a copy of which is given to you

23.          Holidays: Students are permitted to avail the holidays  noted in the academic calendar only. Extended holidays is not permitted at any cost.

24.          Value based medical education: Weekly one session of one hour shall be dedicated to value based education.It shall be dealt by in-house faculty/ guest faculty or student faculty. Periodic academic assessment shall include value based education also. Attendence for these sessions  is logged separately which, along with the score of assessment, shall also be considered while computing internal assessment. However, there is no University Exam for value based education. The final transcript being given from the College, shall include score for the value based education also.

25.          Research Project: To inculcate the importance of research in medical profession, each student is to do a community based health oriented research strictly following the principles of research methodology. The Department of Community Medicine shall give you the necessary guidance while you are there for your block posting. Score awarded for your research project shall also be counted for calculation of internal assessment for practical’s. In addition, this will also appears in the final transcript.

26.          College Property: Students have the responsibility of safe guard the College property. Damages of any type which include breakage, writing  on table/ desk/ chairs, disfiguring walls etc, posting  notice/ posters on walls etc, will attract punishment which may include repair/ replacement/ fine under intimation to your parents.

27.          Disciplinary action: The disciplinary committee consisting of Principal/ Vice Principal, 3 senior faculty members and one representative of the management shall deal with all disciplinary issues. Appropriate punishment shall be awarded after conducting necessary enquiries whenever required under intimation to the parents / guardian. This shall also be documented in the personal file of the student which begins on entry to the college and ends with issue of Transfer Certificate.

28.          Bulletin Board: Students should develop the habit of scanning the student bulletin boards displayed in the Office of the Principal and departments. Failure to read the notices will not be accepted as an excuse for not complying with the directions in the notice.



1.             Every academic year is from 1st August to 31st July

2.             Fees for five years are to be remitted.

3.             All fees (as stipulated by Government / Management from time to time) have to be remitted before 31st July for the next academic year.

4.             Any repeat of subjects will entail additional fee over and above the regular fees.

5.             Fine of Rs.100/- per day will be levied after 1st August unless exempted by the authorities


C.            LEAVE OF ABSENCE

1.             For absence for one or more days, Permission of the Principal should be obtained. Leave application should be submitted before availing of the leave.

2.             Every application for leave should state clearly the grounds for the application and the number of days and the dates of which the leave is required. Where leave is required for ‘urgent business’ or for the performance of religious ceremony’, the nature of the urgency and the ceremony should be indicated. If the grounds of application for leave are not clear or satisfactory, the students may be called upon to explain, or the leave may be refused.

3.             Leave from class period will be granted by the Head of the concerned Departments. Absenting from class or coming late for the class will entail a fine of Rs. 100 per day, if reported by the teacher.

4.             Students who are obliged to leave a class owing to sudden indisposition must obtain the permission of the teacher in charge of that class.

5.             Students who fall ill and require leave should report immediately to the Warden or their Assistant Professor of Medicine (for men) or Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (in the case of women students) and the leave applications should be sent to the Principal with the certificate of the Assistant Professor concerned. Those requiring inpatient treatment will be admitted to the wards of the Professor of Medicine, Surgery or Obstetrics and Gynaecology as the case may be.

6.             If for unavoidable circumstances, leave could not be obtained in advance, the reasons for that should be explained at the earliest possible opportunity to the Professor in the case of absence from class and to the Principal for absence for one full day or more.

7.             Absence without leave for part or a day will entail forfeiture of attendance for the whole day, loss or marks or fine.

8.             A day’s attendance already earned will be cancelled for every day of absence without the permission of the Principal.

9.             Absence without leave for one or more days will entail not only the loss of attendance, but make the students liable to further disciplinary action including fine for each day of such absence.

10.           When a fine is imposed on a student for absence without leave, the fact will be intimated to him. Such fines should be paid within a week from the receipt of information.

11.           A student absenting himself /herself from the college for more than fifteen consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation is liable to have his/her name removed from the rolls.


D.            DRESS CODE

Boys: Regular trousers with plain shirts and shoes

Girls: Light colored salwar with dupatta. Hair should be put up

Doctors :coat inside hospital and lab are compulsory ,jeans and t– shirts are not permitted

All students will have an I.D. Card, which will be issued from the College.

NB:         The students are not permitted to wear dress which does not conform to the dignity of Medical Profession within and outside the Campus.




Class examinations (written, practical and oral) will be conducted regularly to assess the students’ progress. Since the marks obtained in these examinations will be taken into consideration in determining the results of the University Examination, the rules for the conduct of these examinations will be same as for University Examinations.

1.             Students should be in their seats 5 minutes before the prescribed time. Mobile phones or any other electronics gadgets are not permitted.

2.             Before entering the examination hall, over coats, all books, notes and paper should be left outside.

3.             No student shall be admitted to the Examination Hall, later than half an hour from the commencement of the examination.

4.             Students must provide themselves with pens, pencils and drawing materials. Answer books will be supplied.

5.             Every student should write his/her name legibly on the outer cover of his/her answer book.

6.             Any student detected in helping another or attempting to obtain unfair assistance will be expelled. No communications whatever between student are permitted. No students should have in their possession while in the examination hall any book, memorandum, or pocket books, notes or papers, whatsoever (even if these papers are in no way connected with the subject under examination) except the question paper, the answer book provided for writing out the answers and sheet of blotting paper. Students disregarding this caution are liable to the same penalty as those using unfair means.

7.             Students should not leave their seats without the permission of the Superintendent before the conclusion of the examination.

8.             Any student found guilty of making any objectionable or improper remarks on his/her answer papers will be reported to the Principal for such action as may deem fit.

9.             No student will be allowed to re-enter the examination room during the hours of examination after once quitting it or to leave the room without finally giving up his/her answer papers. In case of urgent necessity, a candidate may, with the special permission of the superintendent temporarily leave the examination room but during his/her stay outside he or she must be under the surveillance through by a trustworthy person to be deputed by the superintendent for the purpose.

10.           Candidates should not leave the answer books on the desk but should hand over to the superintendent before leaving the hall.

11.           Any candidate, wishing to ask a question will rise from his/her seat and remain standing until the superintendent comes to him/her, but he or she will on no account leave his/her seat nor will he/she be allowed to make any noise to call the attention of the superintendent.

12.           Students who absent themselves for class examinations without leave will be considered to have sat for the examination and obtained zero marks. Absence due to illness or other unavoidable reasons will be excused provided leave is applied for prior or latest with in 4 hours of completion of examination and granted by the Principal.

In the case of students who are granted leave of absence from examinations, the marks of these examinations will not be taken into account in calculating class average.

F.             LIBRARY RULES

1.             General Rules

a.             The Library will be under the control of one of the members of the college council nominated by the council.

b.             Use of mobile phone in library is strictly prohibited.

c.             The selection of books for each department will be made by the head of the department. The college council will make a final selection taking into consideration of the urgency of request and availability of funds. The purchase will be made by the Principal.

d.             The library will be open from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. on all working days and longer hours prior to and during examination seasons.

e.             Loan of books – The library is for the use of the teaching staff and students of the college. The students are allowed to use it as a reference library only and they are not allowed to take away any books out of the library room.

Books and periodicals labeled “Reference Only” shall not be removed from the library. No bound periodicals shall be removed from the library. All latest issues of periodicals shall be available in the library and shall not be loaned till the next number is received.

f.              Any staff member is entitled to take one book at a time and will be permitted to retain for a period not exceeding two weeks. The loan of the book can be renewed provided there is no demand from other members.

g.             The books taken from the library should not be sublent.

h.             All books/journals/CD’s are to be used with care. The member to whom the book is issued is fully responsible for the book and any damage caused will be made good by him. If any book issued to a member is lost the cost for replacement of the book will be realized from him. If the book cannot be replaced, the Principal will decide the compensation to be paid.

i.              Silence is strictly enjoined in the library.

j.              Complaints and suggestions – All suggestions and complaints from the staff and students should be properly recorded in the separate book maintained for that purpose in the library room.

k.             At the end of every academic year all the books in the library will be checked by a responsible officer nominated by the Principal and his report will be submitted to the Principal.

2.             Information to the Members

(a)           Before entering the library the member has to write his/her name Library membership number time etc. in the register kept for this purpose at the entrance.

(b)           The member shall not carry their personal belongings inside the library – carry only writing materials.

(c)           Smoking in the library is strictly prohibited.

(d)           Strict silence should be maintained in the library.

(e)           The members shall not make use of the library for any other past time.

(f)            Reference Section of the library is reserved for staff members and research workers only. If any under-graduate wants to refer to the bound periodicals he/she may get permission from the Librarian.

(g)           Members are requested to place the books on the table near the section from which they were taken out.

(h)           Books should be handled with care. Marking on books, tearing of the pages etc. are most objectionable and may lead to the cancellation of membership.

3.             Conditions of Loan

(a)           Internees are allowed to take one book at a time provided he/she remits Rs.200/- in the office and applied to the librarian along with enclosing the official receipt for getting loan membership.

(b)           Tutors and similar categories members of staff are eligible to take one book at a time.

(c)           Assistant Professor and similar categories of staff members are eligible to take two books at a time.

(d)           Professor (Personal) Associate Professors and similar categories of staff members are eligible to take two books at a time.

(e)           The loan period is 15 days.

(f)            The overdue of Rs. 5/- per day will be levied after the due date upto the cost of the book. However, the members are allowed to renew the loan books for two consecutive periods. Retention of books beyond a period of 3 months from the date of issue without any valid explanation may lead to the cancellation of membership privileges. Books on loan will be recalled at any time irrespective of the period of loan if the occasion so demands.

(g)           Reminder will be sent to those members who retain books beyond the period of loan.

(h)           Loose periodicals, Bound volumes, Reference books etc. will not be issued.

(i)            Damage or loss of books retained on loan should immediately be reported to the Librarian in writing. Members are liable to replace such books or pay the price of such books.

(j)            The books taken from the library by member should not be sublet on any ground.

(k)           A book which is on loan may be reserved for borrowing by another member by filling up a reservation slip at the counter. The member concerned will be intimated as soon as the book is available for issue and he/she should take the book within 4 days from the date of receipt of the intimation. The book will not be kept reserved for him beyond this period.

Heads of Departments and the Principal will insist on clearance certificates from the Librarian being produced by the staff before they are relieved on transfer/retirement etc.

4.             Issue System

(a)           Members will get at the time of admission membership cards and as many borrow tickets as the number of books, they are entitled to borrow at a time. On each occasion a book is borrowed, one borrower’s ticket is to be surrendered. The ticket will be returned to the borrower when the book is returned.

(b)           The borrower’s tickets and membership cards are not transferable. Sublending of book is a misuse of the privileges and is to be avoided.

(c)           Special care should be taken to see that the membership cards and the borrowers tickets are not misplaced or lost. All losses shall be reported to the Librarian then and there.

(d)           Duplicated borrowers tickets will be issued a month after the receipt of the report of the loss by the Librarian and on payment of Rs. 50/- for each ticket.

(e)           Books will be issued on all days except Sunday and second Saturdays from 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

(f)            Use of Internet, taking Computer Printout and CD writing will be at the discretion of the Librarian.

5.             Departmental Libraries

The Heads Departments are permitted to maintain a Departmental Library by selecting the necessary books required from the Central Library. The total number of books which can be kept in the Departmental library will be fixed from time to time by the Principal (Now this should be limited to 80 books in major departments excluding bound book periodicals, reference books etc.).



1. Accommodation

Hostel accommodation is provided separately for both men and women. All students should stay in the hostel. No permission will be given to stay outside.

2.             Administration

(a)                 The hostels shall be under the control of the Principal.

(b)                 There shall be Wardens one each for Men’s Hostel and Women’s Hostel appointed from among the members of the College Committee of Management.

(c)                 There shall be Resident Assistant Wardens one for each hostel who will be in immediate charge of the respective hostels.

(d)                 Warden’s decision shall be final in the interpretation of rules and in all matters connected with the hostels. He shall in consultation with the College Committee of Management have the power to modify, suspend, cancel or add to any these rules as exigencies occur.

3.             Admission

(a)           Admission is ordinarily restricted to students of the College.

(b)           Student should apply in the prescribed form. Admission to the hostel is subject to renewal every academic year.

(c)           Applications will be registered in the order in which they are received and rooms allotted in that order. The Warden will have the right to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning reasons.

4.             Caution Deposit

Each Student on admission should pay Rs.10,000/- (Ten thousand only) as Caution deposit and mess advance. This will be returned only at the time of his/her leaving the hostel finally after adjusting any liabilities to the hostel.

5.             Discipline Declaration

Each resident on admission should if he/she is major sign a declaration in the form approved; if he/she is a minor the undertaking should be given by the parent or guardian.


6.             Allotment of rooms

(a)           Rooms will be allotted at the discretion of the Warden. No request for change of rooms in the middle of the year will be entertained unless it is a request for mutual change.

(b)           Furniture – Each resident will be provided subject to availability, with cot, table, chair, almirah, coat stand soiled linen box and stool for which he/she shall be responsible. Residents should provide their own bedding, box or trunk to lock things in.

(c)          Own Furniture  -  Residents may supplement the furniture provided with their own but only after obtaining the written permission of the Warden.

N.N.- The hostel authorities will not be responsible for the loss of the boarder’s private property due to his/her negligence.

(d)           Electric Light - Rooms are provided with electric light. Residents should see that the lights are switched off when they go to sleep or when they leave the room. Otherwise fine will be recovered from each occupant of the room irrespective of who was responsible for the neglect. No resident is allowed to have additional electrical fittings without the written permission of the warden.

(e)           Room rent  -  The designated rent per annum should be paid in advance. Extra for using Radios, music system, fan, heaters etc. will be charged by the warden appropriately. Any excess charges will be equally divided among the students during the period.

7.             Withdrawal

Students passing out of the College or discontinuing their studies will be permitted to leave the hostel on application to the Warden at the end of the term only and not in the middle of the term except on medical grounds approved by the Warden. On no account should they leave the hostel before they are permitted to do so by the Warden.

8.             Mess

There will be provision for vegetarian and non-vegetarian messes.

Before the first day of every month, the inmates of each mess shall (from among themselves) elect 2 representatives who subject to the control of the Assistant Warden will see to the proper control of the mess for the month. All complaints relating to the mess shall be made only by the representative.

(a)                The hours of meals will ordinarily be

(i)            Breakfast                               -               6.30 a.m. to 8.00 a.m.

(ii)           Lunch                                     -               12 noon to 2.00 p.m.

(iii)          Tea                                         -               3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

(iv)          Dinner                                    -               7.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

9.             Guests

No resident is allowed to bring a guest into the hostel to stay with him/her without the permission of the warden.

10.          Payment of dues

(a)  All charges must be paid at the office between 10.30 a.m. and12.30 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. to the Assistant warden or to his clerk when the Assistant warden is not available. Receipt in the usual form noting the details of charges must be obtained by the members at time of payment after satisfying themselves as to the accuracy of the charges and in the case of mess after signing in the register in their messes in token of acceptance. Any discrepancy must be brought to the notice of the Assistant warden immediately and rectified. Mess charges for the month should be paid on or before the 15th of the succeeding month except for valid reasons approved by the Warden. A fine of Rs.10/-   Per day will be levied for all the late payment of any dues to the hostel. If the dues are still not paid before the end of the month during which they fall due, the caution money will be utilized to meet such dues and the student will be asked to vacate his/her seat in the hostel. If however the student is willing to pay the accumulated fine till the date of payment he/she may be allowed to continue in the hostel till such time as his/her caution money covers the amount of hostel dues together with the fines thereon. The fines so collected will be credited to hostel funds.

(b)   Students leaving the hostel for vacation should pay up all their dues before they leave.

11.          Medical Aid

All ordinary and minor ailments will be attended to by the Assistant warden between 7.00 a.m. and 8.00 a.m. and no such member shall remain in the hostel for more than 4 hours and he/she will be sent to the collegiate hospital for further treatment.

12.          General Discipline

(a)           Members should keep the room scrupulously clean. Soiled things and clothes should be stored out of sight. Discarded rags and paper should not be thrown out in the rooms, terrace and premises use the waste paper basket provided. The rooms, doors etc. should not be disfigured by writing or sticking handbills, posters etc.

(b)           They should behave with restraint. Shouting, reading loud and other acts likely to disturb other inmates during hours of study should be avoided at all times. Music or singing is not permitted in the hostel without the permission of the Warden.

(c)           They should sleep and work in their own rooms. Silence hours in all the hostels are from 10.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. and it shall be strictly observed. During other times, talking, discussions, singing, playing musical instruments etc., shall be only without disturbing the room mates or other students in the adjoining rooms.

(d)           Members are not allowed to remove any article of furniture, fittings, light etc. belonging to the hostel. Any damage to the hostel property shall be immediately reported to the Warden. The cost of damage will be recovered from the individual concerned. If the person is not traced, the members of the wing concerned will be held responsible. In case of wanton damage, in addition to recovery of cost of repair, the Warden might impose a suitable fine.

(e)           Members are not permitted to convene meetings of any sort anywhere in the hostel or its premise without the Warden’s written sanction obtained on a written requisition.

(f)            No circular or subscription list shall be taken round except with the permission of warden.

(g)           No member shall take active part in the political meetings of processions or propaganda. Disregarded of this rule will lead to immediate expulsion from the hostel.

(h)           Members are forbidden from ill – treating any of the hostel servants and should not have any dealings with servants.

(i)            Every member will report himself to the Assistant Warden in writing at the beginning of each term or as soon as possible after his/her arrival at the end of each term or immediately before his/her arrival at the hostel and also at the end of the each term or immediately before his/her, departure. He/She will enter the dates of his/her arrival and departure in different books kept for the purpose in the hostel office. If a student does not report his/her departure in writing, he or she will be counted as a continuing member and he/she will be liable to pay all the charges in common with the other members. If a student who has not reported his/her arrival in the office is found by the Assistant Warden residing in the hostel he/she will in addition to the usual electric charges pay a penalty of Rs.100/- which will be credited to hostel funds. If a student who has reported his/her departure is found by the Assistant Warden residing in the hostel he/she will also be dealt with in the same way.

(j)            No student shall absent himself/herself from the hostel for any night without having previously obtained the permission of the Assistant Warden. If a student finds it necessary to leave the hostel on urgent affairs and is unable to see the Assistant Warden he/she must before his/her departure report the reason of his or her absence in writing to Assistant Warden. The main gates of the hostel will be closed every night at 10.00 p.m. The Assistant wardens will make night rounds between 10.00 and 11.00 p.m. and see that the students are present. Visitors who come to the hostel must leave the same before 7.00 p.m. when a bell will be rung. Any visitor found after 7.00 p.m. will be asked to leave the hostel immediately except with the special permission of the Assistant Warden.

(k)           All correspondence regarding the hostel should be made through the respective Assistant Wardens. Letters written direct to the Warden will not receive attention.

(l)            Misconduct or breach of any of these rules of the hostel will render the offender liable to fine, suspension or dismissal.

13. Punishment of hostel servants

The Warden is empowered to deal with the servants of the hostel in case of breach of discipline and to the rules and regulation of the hostel.

14.          Holidays

(a)           The hostel will be closed during the designated vacations. But the students working in the hospitals and others with special permission from the Principal can remain in the hostel during the month. Members will have to vacate their rooms for annual repairs which will be done during the vacations. Temporarily arrangements will be made by the Warden for their accommodation.

(b)           All students before going away for the vacation or otherwise must see that all their dues are paid completely before leaving station. Members are strictly advised not to leave any money or valuable in their rooms. The hostel authorities do not hold themselves responsible for moneys or goods lost by students or their guest.

(c)           For the convenience of members who go to their homes during the holidays the Assistant Warden will arrange for the safe custody of their belongings during their absence at their own risk and the Assistant Warden will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any such property.

15.          Tradesmen

No stranger will be allowed within the compound of the hostel for carrying on any business. No unauthorised tradesmen will be allowed with in the hostel premises. Members are strictly prohibited from having any dealing inside the hostel with any business person.

16.          Telephone

Inmates shall use the Public telephones.  Mobile phones may be used with the permission of the Warden.

17.          Special Rules For Women Students

1.             Visitors – Women visitors may be seen between 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. on all days of the week in the visitors room only.

(a)   All residents must return to the hostel before 6.30 p.m. unless they have obtained a late pass from the Assistant Warden.

(b)   Application for late pass must be in writing to reach the Assistant Warden by 6.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. No application will be received on Sundays.

2.             Visitors –  Men visitors may be seen between 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. on all days on the week in the visitors room only. Every member shall before seeing the visitor make the following entries in a book provided for the purpose.

(a)    Name of visitor and designation and address.

(b)    His or her relationship to the member.

(c)   Member visited shall sign her/his name below the entries recorded above. Each such record of entries shall be looked into and initialed before issuing the permission by the Assistant Warden.


Any member wishing to see a visitor at any other time shall first obtain the permission of the Assistant Warden. Men visitors may be seen only in the Visitor’s Hall.

18.          Cultural Activities

The College students will be divided House wise with different colour coded dress to organize extra curricular and sports competitions. At intervals, tour programme will be conducted. Male and female staff will accompany the students.

Rules for College Excursion

1.             Dress Code: Ladies may wear Saree or Salwar  Kameez with shawl. Avoid long slit, pants, jeans, skirts, tights, churi bottoms etc. The shawl shall be fixed so as to cover the whole chest. Boys may use T shirts, but not tight jeans, faded jeans, low waist, Bermudas or shorts.

2.             Leaders: Students shall be grouped into five in a batch. One of these shall be batch leader. There shall be an Overall Gents leader and a Ladies leader (Tour leaders). No student shall move about alone. All the five members should be together at any point of outing.

3.             Reporting: The batch leaders shall report to the Tour leaders the roll call of the batch every morning, noon, evening and at the end of any outing / visit. The tour leaders shall report to the staff supervisors at every point before starting the vehicle.

4.             Principal: The tour leaders shall report to the Principal every morning after break fast and after dinner before breaking for the day.

5.             Photographs: Group photograph shall be taken at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day for records. Group photos shall be taken at every place of visit (for placement in website).

6.             Danger Zones: No student shall venture into swimming or trekking.

7.             Taboo: Prohibited items include smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, drugs, pan masala and supari.

8.             Report: Detailed report shall be given to Principal at the end of the excursion..

19.          Application for admission to the Hostel.

  1. Name in full
  2. House Address
  3. Age
  4. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian
  5. Class in the College
  6. Date from which admission is sought for
  7. Name and permanent address of the student’s parent or guardian
  8. Relationship to the student
  9. Where educated during the last two years with dates
  10. Names and address of residents of Trivandrum whom the students may visit
  11. Name and address of local guardian

I declare that I have carefully read and understood the rules and I bind myself, if admitted to the Hostel shall obey all the rules and regulations of the Hostel, to help the Hostel authorities in the maintenance of good conduct and discipline to set a good example myself, to pay my dues punctually and not to leave the Hostel unless permitted or directed by the Warden to do so.


Date…………                                                                                                                                        Signature of the Student

I undertake to be responsible for the dues of the above named student and for the fulfillment of his/her promises regarding discipline and conduct of the Hostel.



Date…………                                                                                                                        Signature of the Parent or Guardian


20.          Rules and Regulations Regarding Residents / Interns Quarters

A.            Administration

1.             The various blocks of the Residents/Interns Quarters will be under the control of the Principal.

2.             The Principal’s decision shall be final in the interpretation of the rules and in all matters connected to the Residents/Interns Quarters.

3.             The Principal shall appoint a Warden and two Assistant Wardens - one female and one male quarters respectively.

4.             To manage the regular functioning, the warden will also appoint Quarters Secretaries from among the Residents/Interns.

B.            Accommodation

1.             Accommodation will be made available for all Residents/Interns on application, and they should reside in the Residents/Interns Quarters. Admission in the Internees Quarters shall be restricted to the Internees working in the College.

2.             Warden/Assistant Wardens have the right to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning reasons.

3.             Allotment of rooms are made by the Assistant Wardens after collecting an admission fee of Rs.100/- (not re-fundable) and a caution deposit of Rs.1000/-.

4.             Rooms will be re-allotted by the Assistant Wardens when a new batch of Internees joins for their internship.

5.             Rooms once allotted will not be changed and the furniture provided in the room will be taken over by the occupant by signing for these items in the register maintained by the Assistant Wardens concerned. The occupants of the room shall be held responsible for any damage or lose of furniture at the time of the vacating the room or at the time of inspection of these items. The Assistant Warden is empowered to recover this amount from the inmates and warden shall recommend to the Principal not to issue their internship certificates.

6.             The residents/ Interns may supplement the furniture, provided in the room only after obtaining the written permission from the Assistant Warden/Warden.

7.             Allotted items of furniture, electrical fittings etc. if found tampered with, the miscreant will be fined. If no one owns up the mistake, collective fine will be levied.

8.             Residents/ Interns are not allowed to practice medicine in any private hospitals, clinics during their internship.

9.             Residents/ Interns will vacate the rooms allotted to them within 4 hours of completion of their posting. They must produce necessary No Dues certificates from the Assistant Warden/Warden for repayment of caution deposit and issue of the internship certificate.

C.            Discipline

1.             All Residents/ Interns should reside in the Residents/ Interns Quarters and are not permitted to sublet the quarters even to other Residents/Interns, Medical Students etc.

2.             Outsiders of opposite sex are not permitted to visit any Residents/Interns inside the rooms of the Residents/ Interns Quarters.

3.             Inmates who entertain guests of same sex for 2 hours should inform the Quarters Secretary in writing.

4.             Residents/interns going out for more than 24 hours should inform in writing to the Assistant Warden.

5.             The inmates are not allowed to smoke, consume alcohol or and any other intoxicated drugs inside the room or anywhere in the campus.

6.             The inmates should behave with restraint and not disturb other inmates by shouting, reading loudly and other action likely to disturb them.

7.             The inmates are responsible to keep the rooms clean. Walls, doors, ventilators, windows or almirahs will not be disfigured by damaging, writing or sticking posters.

8.             Residents are not permitted to convene meetings, circulate subscription lists, take part in processions/or make propaganda without the prior written permission of Principal/Warden within the Campus.

9.             Any breech of security or unpleasant matters noticed by the inmates will be brought to the notice of the Assistant Warden/Warden/Principal as soon as possible.

10.           Non-compliance or violation of these rules will be viewed seriously and the Warden is empowered to inform the parents of the inmates or evict the inmates from the Quarters. The candidature of such defaulters will be cancelled and they will not be allowed to continue.