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Azeezia Highlights



Dr. T.P.Padmakumar, Professor

Conference attended

a)     National Conference of the Indian society of Periodontology-2013

b)    IdA Kerala state Conference –January 2014

c)     Rapid review in Periodontics –national January 2014

d)    PG Convention at Banglore February 2014.

Paper presented at Rapid review in Periodontics in January 2015 at Azeezia


Dr. Teenu Abraham, Lecturer

Conference attended:

1       ISP Conference held at Kochin on Dec.2013

2       SPIK Conference 2015 held at Pushpagiri

3       IDA Conference held at Kollam 2014

Paper Presentation

Paper presented at Rapid Review held at Azeezia Dental College in 2015 on

“Ostro immunology”

Continuing Projects with details (Periodontics)

a)       A study of Coconut oil on periodontal microorganism

b)      A study planning on dopidogrel on periodontal inflammation

c)       On going thesis studies doing by the PG’s

New Projects Proposals with details (Perioodontics)

a)     2016 Rapid Review Program

b)    CDE Programme on sterilization and disinfection on June /July 2015

c)     Planning on implant – CDE Program.

CDE Programme arranged by the Departments:

a)     Rapid renew Programme held on 2015 January

b)    Scientific Committee members of Community department Research Methodology Programme.

Dr. Devisree, Lecturer

ISP Conference held at Kochin on December 2013

IDA Conference held at Kollam 2014

Paper presentation

Paper presented at Rapid Review held at Azeezia Dental College in January 12th 2015 on ‘Risk Assessment’.




Dr.Rathy-Professor & HOD

Conference attended

1                   XXIII-National Conference IAOMP at banglore 28th -30th Nov.2014.

2                   46th Kerala State Dental Conference at Kollam 1th, 18th & 19th January 2014.

3                   XIII National post graduate convention of IAOMP at Thirupati July 2013.

4                   X Annual Conference KSOMP at Kozhikodu 18th August 2013

5                   Ist Post Graduate convention KSOMP at Trivandrum February 2014

6                   XI KSOMP state Conference at Kollam14th sept.2014

7                   XII KSOMP state conference at Kothamangalam 4th & 5th march 2015.


1       Guideline in bioethics beyond frontiers at GDC Trivandrum December 2014.

2       CDE on data management at Kollam November 2014.

3       Workshop on Bite mark analysis heads on course at GDC Trivandrum March 2015.

CDE/Workshop Organized

XI-KSOMP state Conference September 2014 organised by dept.of Oral Pathology, Azeezia College of Dental Sciences & Research

Workshop on mind power, memory & personality development organized by dept. of Oral Pathology, Azeezia college of Dental Sciences & Research.


1       Prevalence of developmental defects of enamel in primary dentition aqmaong preschool children in Kollam.

2       Prevalence of 2 cusp & 3 cusp variants of  mandibular 2nd premolar among Kerala Population

3       Heritability and correlation of lippiants and finger prints among family members.

4       Evaluation of oral health in type II diabetes mellitus patients

5       Correlation of stress with recurrent aphthous ulcer among dental students :A cross sectional study.

6       Evaluation of fothiculer tissues of impacted tooth.

7       Forensic application of palatal lingue  pattern  as adjuvant for gender determination

8       Heritability and correlation of lip prints and palm prints in south kerala population.

9       Evaluation of micronuclei occupational exposure to formal dihyde – a study in subjects in pathology laboratories.

10   Age estimation using mandibular I molar from OPG

11  Prevalence of cusp of corabelli in permanent molars among Kerala population

12  Bleached palm oil as biofrindly substitute fo Xylene coparative study

13  Coconut oil as bio friendly substitute for xylene: comparative study.

14  Aloe vera is nontoxic to cells: An MTT essay study

15  Oral Candid carriage characterization of Candida species and antifungal sensitivity  among oral cancer patient


Dr Harish R. K, Reader

Conferences and CDEs Attended


1.CDEprogramme on ‘Diagnostic pathology of head and neck tumours’ conducted by Government Dental College Trivandrum on 20-04-2013.

2.Ist interstate accredited CDE programme (Kerala and Tamilnadu) on 17, 18th August 2013 at Courtallam.


1.46thKearala state dental conference(QUICON) 17 to 19th January 2014 at Kollam.

2.Ist post graduate conventionof Kairali society of oral and maxillofacial pathologists on 22, 23 rdFebruary 2014  at Government Dental College Trivandrum.

3. XIth annual conference of Kairali society of oral and maxillofacial pathologists organized by Azeezia  College  of dental Sciences and Research on 14th September 2014.

4.CDEprogramme on ‘Guidelines in Bioethics-Beyond Frontiers organized by Government Dental College Trivandrum on 12thDecember 2014.

5 XII KSOMP state conference at Kothamangalam 4th & 5th march 2015.


1.Transforming growth factor beta -1 polymorphisms are infrequent but exists at selected foci in oral submucous fibrosis. Indian J Dent Res 21(3) 2010.

2.How reliable is sex differentiation from teeth measurements.Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology Journal [OMPJ] Vol 4. No 1. Jan- Jun 2013.


3.Salivary biomarkers and point of care diagnosisin periodontal disease: abriefreview.trivandrum Dental Journal 2013,(4) 1.


4.Gingival crevicular fluid: some quiescent thoughts.JIDAS / JUNE 2013 / VOL 7 / ISSUE 2.


5.Incipientnon invasivechairside diagnostic aids for oral cancer.IJWDC : Vol2 issue 1 Jan-June 2014.


Dr.P.Jayanthi, Reader



  • Jayanthi P, Priya Thomas, Bindhu PR, Rekha K. Prion Diseases in Humans: Oral and Dental Implications. North Am J Med Sci 2013; 5: 399-403.
  • Bindhu PR, Justin Mathew, Priya Thomas, Jayanthi P, Rekha K. Cavernous Lymphangioma of the lower lip. Health Sci 2013; 2(3): JS006A
  • Bindhu PR, Rekha K, Priya Thomas, Jayanthi P. Facts in artefacts. J Oral Maxillo Path 2013; 17: 397-401.


  • Attended WW7 world workshop of HIV at Hyderabad in November 2014.
  • Attended Annual conference of Kerala Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology at Kollam in September 2014
  • Scientific poster presentation on “Knowledge, attitude and behaviour of dental practitioners towards HIV infected patients in Kerala, South India”  at World Workshop of HIV at Hyderabad in October 2014.
    • Invited guest lecture on “HIV infection: Myths & Facts” at IDA State conference, Namakal in November 2014
    • Conducted a workshop on “Research Methodology” at PMS Dental College, Trivandrum in September 2014
    • Priya Thomas, Rekha KP, Bindhy PR, Jayanthi P. An insight into internal resorption. ISRN Dentistry 2014; 2014:1-7.



DR.INDU.M, , Lecturer




  • Xth National OOO Symposium held at Vokkaligara Sangha Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka.


  • FDI- IDA CDE 2010 & 38th Karnataka State Dental conference held at Bangalore.


  • XIXth National Conference and 1st International Conference of Indian association of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathologists at Chennai.


  • “Dentistry-2011” by IDRR at Bangalore.
  • XIth National Post graduate convention 2011 IAOMP at Manipal
  • X               X National IAOMP 2011 conference at Hyderabad





  • XIth National OOO Symposium held at Sardar Patel post graduate institute for sciences, Lucknow.



  • 11TH Annual conference of KSOMP, Kollam




  • “Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry” at M. S. Ramaiah Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore


  • “Neoplasia” by Dr. Anita Borges at M. S. Ramaiah Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore




  • “Stress management in dental practice and dental photography” at R.V.Dental College, Bangalore


  • “Classification and Diagnosis of lymphoid disorders – An overview” at Oxford Dental College,    Bangalore.


  • “Scientific article publication-An insight” at M.S. Ramaiah Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore.



  • “Manthana” – Quest for knowledge at Krishna Devaraya College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Bangalore.



  • “TMJ Disorders” at M.S. Ramaiah Dental College, Bangalore.


  • “An insight into Head and Neck Lesions”- at V.S. Dental College, Bangalore.


  • “Pathognana” at JSS Dental College, Bangalore



  • “Museum technology” at M.S. Ramaiah Dental College, Bangalore.
  • Slide discussion on salivary gland tumors at A.E.C.S.Maaruti Dental college




  • “Publish or perish” at M.S. Ramaiah Dental College, Bangalore.



  • “Pathognana – 2” JSS Dental College, Mysore.


  • “Cells and Fluids In Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology” PMNM Dental College and Hospital, Bagalkot.



  • “Update in Oral Medicine and Pathology with Oral Imaging and Strategies for Research” KLE Society’s Institute of Dental Sciences, Bangalore


  • Amrita head and neck oncology meet, 2014. Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences



  1. Premalatha B R, Shankargouda Patil, Roopa S Rao, Narendranatha Reddy P, Indu M. Odontogenic Tumor Markers - An Overview. Journal of International Oral Health  2013; 5(2):59-69.


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  1. Rekha R, Joseph Edward, Rathy R, Harish R K, Indu.M. Complex Odontoma – A case report and review of literature. International Journal of Women’s Dental Council 2015; 2(2): 31 -34.




  1. 1.      Indu.M, Sunil S Rathy R, Binu M P. Imaging and image management – a survey on current outlook and awareness in pathology practice. submitted for publication)


  1. 2.      Indu.M, Rathy R, Binu M P. ‘Slide less pathology’: fairy tale or reality?           (submitted for publication)

Dr. NIVIA.M, Lecturer


v  8th State Conference KSOMP At Ernakulam

v  12thnational PG Convention IAOMP  At Pune

v  10th  National Conference Forensic Odontology  At Ghaziabad

v  21st National Conference  IAOMP  At Goa

v  9th State Conference KSOMP At Thrissur.

v  First Mid Term National Conference IAOMP  At Chennai

v  Xiii National Postgraduate Convention, IAOMP At Thirupathi

v  10th State Conference KSOMP At Calicut

v  11th National Conference Of IAFO  At  Vijayawada

v  Ist PG Convention KSOMP At Trivandrum

v  44th Kerala State Dental Conference At Trivandrum

v  46th Kerala State Dental Conference At Kollam

v  XIIth Annual Conference KSOMP at Kollam


v  CDE On Forensic Odontology At Government Dental College, Trivandrum.

v  Amrita Head And Neck Oncology Meet (2012) At  Ernakulam

v   Master Class On Oral Pathology, Medicine And  Microbiology At MS Ramaiah Dental College And  Hospital, Bangalore

v  “Diagnostic Pathology Of Head & Neck Tumors  At Government Dental College, Trivandrum

v  A Master Class In Oral Medicine,Microbiology,Pathology And Molecular Markers-  At Bangalore

v  Amrita Head And Neck Oncology Meet 2014 At Ernakulam

v  CDE On Publish Or Perish At Bangalore

v  CDE On Virtual Microscopy At Kollam

v  Workshop On Role Of Dental Surgeons In Prevention And Control Of Oral Cancer Organised By Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum



1] Presented Poster On Spectral Cytopathology: Avenues To Early Oral Cancer  Detection - XIIth PG Convention  at Pune

2] Presented Paper On Analysis Of Cusp Of Carabelli In Primary And Permanent Dentition - Xth National Conference - Forensic Odontology at Delhi


3] Presented Paper On Drug Induced Erythema Multiforme A Case Report With Review Of Literature - Xxi National Conference at Goa.

4] Presented Poster On Proliferative Verrucous Leukoplakia – A Case Series Xiii National Postgraduate Convention,Iaomp, Thirupati



  1. Rathy R, Sunil S, Nivia M. Osteoradionecrosis Of  Mandible: Case Report With Review Of Literature. Contemp Clin Dent 2013;4:251-3.


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